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Deprecated truncated formats with digits code and alternatives
Format Hyphens Implied field(s) Alternative Wildcards
-YY -2 1 century none XXYY, +XXXYY, –XXXYY, …
--MM --2 2 year -MM XXXXMM, *MM, *-MM, …
---DD ---2 3 month --DD **DD, *-*-DD, -XX-DD, XXXX-XX-DD, …
-DDD -3 1* year same, DDD *-DDD, *DDD, XXXXDDD, …
-WWW -W2 1 year same, WWW *-WWW, *WWW, XXXX-WWW, …
-W-D -W-1 2×1 week same -WXX-D, *W*D, …
---D ---1 3 any week --D, D **D, *-*-D, …
-Y-WWW -1-W2 2×1 decade none XXXY-WWW, …
-YWWW -1W2 1 decade none XXXYWWW, …
-mm -2 1 hour :mm T*mm, *:mm, T*:mm, XX:mm, TXX:mm
--ss --2 2 minute ::ss T**ss, *:*:ss, :*:ss, …
Existing formats with digits code
level of detail full date
c CC 2
y CCYY −4
+CCYY +4
d/y ±CCYY-DDD ±4-3
m/y ±CCYY-MM ±4-2
d/m/y ±CCYY-MM-DD ±4-2-2
w/y ±CCYY-WWW ±4-W2
d/w/y ±CCYY-WWW-D ±4-W2-1

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