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The Republic of China calendar is the method of numbering years currently used in the Republic of China (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu). It was used in mainland China from 1912 until the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

Following the Imperial tradition of using the sovereign's era name and year of reign, official ROC documents use the Republic (民國 míngúo=The Country of the People) system of numbering years in which the first year (民國元年) was 1912, the year of the founding of the Republic of China. For example, 2007 is the "96th year of the Republic" (民國九十六年, 民國96年, or simply 96). As Chinese era names are traditionally two characters long, 民國 (Republic) is employed as an abbreviation of 中華民國 (Republic of China).

To find out the ROC year equivalent to any C.E. year, subtract the C.E. year by 1911 (the year of the revolution which led to the formation of the ROC). For example: 2007 C.E. - 1911 = 96th year of the Republic.

Months and days are numbered according to the Gregorian calendar. Based on Chinese National Standard CNS 7648: Data Elements and Interchange Formats -- Information Interchange -- Representation of Dates and Times, (similar to ISO 8601), year numbering may use the A.D. system as well as the ROC era. For example, May 3, 2004 may be written 2004-05-03 or R.O.C.93-05-03.

The ROC era numbering happens to be the same as the numbering used by North Korea (Juche calendar) because its founder, Kim Il-sung, was born in 1912. The years in Japan's Taishō period (July 30, 1912 to December 25, 1926) are also coincident with the ROC era.

The use of the ROC era system extends beyond official documents. When used to mark expiration dates on products for export, they can be misunderstood as having an expiration date 11 years earlier than intended. Misinterpretation is more likely in the cases when the prefix (R.O.C. or 民國) is omitted.

Comparison chartEdit

ROC era12345678910
ROC era11121314151617181920
ROC era21222324252627282930
ROC era31323334353637383940
ROC era41424344454647484950
ROC era51525354555657585960
ROC era61626364656667686970
ROC era71727374757677787980
ROC era81828384858687888990
ROC era919293949596979899100

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