The Modified Gregorian Calendar by Brij Bhushan Vij (click for larger image.)

The Modified Gregorian Calendar is a calendar reform proposal by Brij Bhushan Vij, a fellow of the Metrology Society of India. It is a perpetual, 364-day calendar in which each year begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday.

Like the World Calendar, the Modified Gregorian Calendar features two "off-calendar" days that are outside the standard weeks and months, but count as part of the calendar year.

The 365th day of every year is "World Peace Day," December 31. In leap years, a 366th day of the year would be added after Sunday, June 30.

No. Name Days Special days
1 01 January 31 91
02 February 29
03 March 31
2 04 April 30 91*
05 May 31
06 June 30* Leap Day (after June 30)
3 07 July 30 91
08 August 31
09 September 30
4 10 October 31 91*
11 November 30
12 December 30 World Peace Day (after Dec. 30)

Features and benefitsEdit

  • The calendar has 52 weeks(364-days) of 4 equal quarters (91-days or 13-weeks)
  • There are no Fridays the 13th
  • It is perpetual - months and weekdays never change

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