This World Calendar with Leap Week is a leap week calendar that follows a 62-year cycle with 11 leap weeks.

The year Edit

The year is divided into 12 months exactly as in the World Calendar, but instead of the Worldsdays, which interrupt the week, there is a leap week (called Tychon) inserted between June and July in each leap year.

Leap Year Rule Edit

The 62-year cycle begins 3 years before the year of reform, which must be a Gregorian year that begins on a Sunday (e.g 2006 or 2012). The intervals between successive leap years starting with the interval of the year of reform are

6 5 6 6 5 6 5 6 6 5 6
If the year of reform were 2006 it would result in leap years:
2009 2014 2020 2026 2031 2037 2042 2048 2054 2059 2065
and so on every 62 years
If the year of reform were 2012 it would result in leap years:
2015 2020 2026 2032 2037 2043 2048 2054 2060 2065 2071
and so on every 62 years

Source Edit

A Calendar of the future. A World Calendar with a Leap Week Josef Suran Vistas in Astronomy vol 41 No 4 pp 493-506 1998

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